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Philadelphia, Popular asPhilly.Once chosen as temporary capital of US, also referred to as “Birth place of America”. The city of Brotherly Love has notable place in American history. Philadelphia is most populous city in state of Pennsylvania and sixth most populous in US.The fascinating fact about city is it holds the crown of “city of first”. The first hospital, first bank, first zoo,  first flag, first newspaper, first volunteer fire company, first stock exchange and lot more First of America, goes to Philly and the most astonishing fact to mention is the world’s first computer was built here. Philly’s other highlights include Liberty bell, Rocky statue, Independence hall etc. The mouthwatering food list includes Philly cheesesteak, soft pretzels, water ice and many more. The city of Murals possess some 3800 colorful murals as well it has one of the top mural organization on planet.

History in Brief :

Founded in 1682 by William Penn. Incorporated from 1701, at the time of American revolution it was the most important city. in 1787 America obtained its constitution here in Philadelphia. The city became nation’s capital for over a decade from 1790-1800 after which the capital moved to Washington DC.


Philadelphia city is located in south-east of state of Pennsylvania and on the merging point of Delaware and Schuylkill river.


The city experiences four seasons winter, autumn, spring and summer. Where in winter average temperature is 8°/1° and in summer it is 30°/19°. Whereas the autumn is scenery and spring as usual showers.

Airports In Philadelphia 

The Philadelphia International Airport is not only city’s largest but of Pennsylvania. It is the main airport of Philadelphia. The distance between city center and airport is approximately 13 miles.


Top sights to see in Philadelphia.

Independence National Historic Park :

Established in 1948 to protect the historicalplaces that are related to the birth of the American nation. The 55 acre park is administered by the National park service and includes many of most-visited historic sites of Philadelphia. It is also referred to as “America’s most historic square mile”. Major attraction of the park are The liberty Bell, Independence hall, the first bank of the united states etc.

The liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell has a significant place in American history and it is a symbol of freedom and independence in America.Once it was called as State House bell or old house bell is one of the iconic symbol of Philadelphia as well of United States. It rang with the signing of American constitution. Today,the building is popular as Independence Hall.The bell is located In the liberty bell center in Independence National Historical Park. The building is open throughout year except Christmas.

Independence Hall

The building where both the United States Declaration of Independence and United states Constitution were adopted. It is the heart of Independence National Historical Park. served as the house of the colony of Pennsylvania. The center of interest is assembly hall of building where the meeting about Independence from British took place. Entrance to the building is absolutely free but the seats and tickets are limited and one should be prepare for security screening.

Reading Terminal Market

One of the America’s largest and oldest public market. Active since 1893. Built by Reading Rail Road Company beneath their new station to help farmers and butchers. The building is National Historic Landmark. The market offers you amazing selection of locally grown and exotic products. Some of the products are locally meats and poultry, seafood, cheese and baked items. People have everything to make exquisite food.

Philadelphia Zoo

It is Philadelphia’s one of the leading family destination. Home to some 1300 animals of which many are rare and endangered. Through Zoo360 and kidZooU a first in the world animal travel trail system the Zoo authority educates more than 1.2 million visitors about environment and animal. The Zoo360 system allows visitors to see through mesh trails that are crossing over pathway which drives the animals to roam throughout the campus.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Active since 1876. The museum started with Centennial exhibition, which held in Fairmount park. Art lover around the world head towards Philadelphia’s most iconic building. Holds more than two hundred twenty seven thousands objects which includes Arts, paintings, Sculptures, antiques,armors, furniture and many more things. The building is truly an amazing site inspired by Greek architect. The museum in recent decades became popular for playing role in “Rocky” films. People often come here to mimic Rocky balboa’s famous run up the east entrance. Nick named by Rockysteps.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Also popular as EPS , it is the former American prison. Opened in 1829 and closed in 1971. At the time of completion it was the largest and most expensive public structure ever erected in America and became model for more than 300 prisons around the world. Many of America’s most Notorious prisoners were held here.It was known for strict discipline and a real “penitentiary” made to inspire true penitence or regret in hearts of prisoners. The prison is America’s National Historic Landmark.

The Franklin Institute

Among the top five tourist destinations of Philadelphia “The Franklin Institute” is a leading science museum of country and serves as an education and cultural resource. For about 175 years, the awards program of institute present 25 different awards. The daily activities such as experiencing live show, Dissections, 3D printing. The giant heart in exhibition. The Fels Planetarium. Live science showsand more things to see.

Please Touch Museum

Since 1976 the museum has been the children’s favorite place. The power of learning through play changes thinking and enriches lives of children. It is the place where children love to leave no stone unturned and play to their heart’s content. It is the spot which encourages children to ask questions, learn by touching, climbing and made them curious to explore more things.

Peddler’s Village

One hour away from Center city. Discover a storybook village which is spread  over 42 acres. A place that offers year round shopping, dining and lodging. A great attraction which offer 60+ stores, six restaurant and many more things to enjoy throughout the day

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