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Chicago, also known as the “Windy city” is the third most populous city of US.Built on the shores of lake Michigan. The city is also count as largest city on the shores of freshwater lakes in America. Chicago is one among “10 best cities for public transportation” in US. The largest city of state of Illinois also holds the crown for building the first Skyscraper in the world. “Chicago” city’s architecture is plethora of unique style. The Willis tower held title of world’s tallest building for 25 years, the famous cloud gate aka “the bean” and many architecture. Thelips smacking foodof the city, The sports loving culture. Apart from these things, There nearly endless things which attracts visitors to The City of  Chicago.“it is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them.” - Mark Twain, Said in 1883. It shows how even centuries ago the city was thriving to success.


History Chicago

Chicago was enlisted as a town in 1833 and in 1837 it became city as the number of inhabitants increased to 4000. The historical fire of Chicago burned and destroyed a vast area of city. even though the great city regrew itself in all aspects  and became one of the the leading and dominating cities of US.


The Chicago city government structure is pided into executive and legislative, the mayor of the city is chief executive.


Located on the northeastern side of state of Illinois and southwest to the shores of the freshwater lake Michigan.


The city experiences four seasons. The winters  which start from November to April in which January is the coldest month with  0° / -8°. the spring, the hot and sweltering Summer, the hottest month is July with 28°/21°.and the autumn.


Chicago is third largest city in US (behind New york and Los Angeles) in counting of population with estimated 2.6 million citizens in 2019.


The city has one of the largest and rapid growing economy of the world.  As the city ranked third in population so the economy in US.

Places to see in Chicago

  1. The art institute of Chicago

Art institute of Chicago, founded in the year 1879 is one of the largest and oldest art museum in America.  The art institute holds more than 300,000 art works from worlds different cultures. The art works expressing human history of time period spanning over the 5000 years. The museum displays works of art from Byzantine empire, early japan to modern America. The museum has work of art around the world namely American art including the famous Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” and Grand Wood’s “American Gothic” painting which are considered as icon of the American culture. The ancient and Byzantine art showcases Greek, Roman and Egyptian mosaic, pottery, sculpture, jewelry. European art includes metal work, ceramic, furniture style from middle ages to 20th century The Asian art contains works and objects from China, Japan, Korea, southeastern countries, India and middle east.

  1. Millennium park 

located in the heart of down town. Covers an area of 24 acres. Considered as world’s largest rooftop garden. The millennium park gives you whimsical example of public art and video sculpture. The crown fountain where two “fifty foot” illuminated glass towers which are untied by a black granite skin pool.  The cloud gate aka “the bean” completely made out of stainless steel is a iconic sculpture and a world famous now. The Lurie garden built on 2.5 acres of land is there to de stress you  deep in the hustle and bustle of city. rock climbing for everyone and which is absolutely free of cost. The Jay Pritzker pavilion holds many music concert and festival.                                                                                                                                                                                       


  1. Chicago observation deck

Also known as “360 Chicago”. The observation deck gives you a breathtaking views of Chicago city from more than 1000 feet which is above the magnificent mile. A place where one can also relax and visit café also. The unique feel of tilt over the edge which offers you amazing, downward facing view above 1030 feet.

  1. Chicago river park

The 28 acres river park located on the Chicago river and canal offer a rich wildlife, great fishing. The park features a artificial turf soccer field, a running track, seven tennis courts and two baseball field. Several programs are held here. The after school program for kids catch kids towards the river park. For youth and teens there are couple of famous program basketball and indoor soccer. The park also include men’s basketball.

  1. Museum of science and industry

Established in the year 1933 by philanthropist Julius Rosenwald . the museum exhibits majorly on automobiles, mining, telecommunication, aviation, space travel, agriculture, time and medicine. The museum holds over 2,000 exhibits which are displayed in over 75 huge halls, it also has 280 square metre model railroad. The German submarine captured by the allies the “u-505” is one of six. The farm tech exhibits latest and modern technologies used in agriculture. the transportation gallery showcases replica of first airplane, replica of Stephenson’s rocket. The museum has also made a mine inside, art of bicycle showcases how bicycle and bikes continue to evolve.

  1. Willis tower

The Willis tower (formally) Sears tower is one of the iconic building of not only Chicago but America. The 110 stories building held the title of tallest building in the world for 25 years. The tower can be called as the heart of down town. The skydeck located on 103rd floor at an elevation of about 1,353 feet opened in the building in 1974 started attracting visitors around the world and It is the most popular tourist attraction in Chicago. The elevators of building can reach on top  in 60 seconds, one can feel pressure as they ascend .It is the 12th tallest building in the world.

  1. Lincoln park zoo

Tired of skyscrapers, buildings and glittering of city ?The Lincoln park zoo is there for you. spread over an area of 35 acres, Opened in 1868. The Lincoln park zoo is home to 200 species and 1100 animals. It comes in the list of free admission zoos in America. The zoo is home to wide variety of animals including Big cats, gorillas, polar bear, zebra, sloth, hippo, penguins, monkeys and reptiles. The zoo authority have many plans for visitors there are different types of tours and every tour have different animals.           


  1. Buckingham fountain

Showpiece or The crown of grant park, you name it. One of the most iconic landmark in Chicago. Comes in the list of world’s largest fountains. Its design was inspired by one of the fountains at Versailles palace in France and twice the size of original one. The fountain starts functioning from April to October, with routine water shows and color light shows in evening. The fountain shoots water as high as 7 meters. The famous  fountain holds nearly 6,000,000 litres of water. Every hour the fountain makes 20 minutes of display, at the time of display a center jet shoots water to 150 feet. Major show starts at 9.00 and continue after that. It also represent the lake Michigan.   

  1. Navy pier

Top-hole place on the list of top attraction. The Navy pier built in 1916 is surely “don’t miss” place. A 3300 foot long pier on shoreline of the lake Michigan. With fireworks display, theatre, live music and sailing of cruises daily this destination comes in summer. With special event and activities it is also opened in winter. Navy pier has many outdoor attractions, including light tower ride, Pepsi wave swinger, carousal and the remote control boats. At amazing Chicago funhouse maze navigate your way over 4000 square feet of funhouse effect. It also has mirror maze and spinning tunnel and much more. Navy pier also hosts sightseeing tours and there are dinner cruises by entertainment cruises on their ships. There are many more things like Aon summer fireworks, Navy pier  IMAX theatre, Chicago children’s museum, crystal garden, Chicago Shakespeare theatre, public art and exhibition, Polk bros park, food and dining.

  1. Wrigley field

Opened in 1914, located on north side of Chicago, home of “Chicago Cubs” (the city’s national league team). The place known for its unique tradition. It is also one of main tourist attraction of city. Wrigley field is one of the oldest and most iconic Baseball park in America. It has a seating capacity of 41,649. The park also maintain a hand-turned scoreboard.  The ball park is popular for its ivy covered outfield walls. A sport lover should give a visit.

  1. Riverwalk in Chicago

The Chicago Riverwalk is a passable stream that originally flows into lake Michigan. A 1.25 mile stretched located on the south bank of main branch of river chicago, just in the heart of down town Chicago. It is actually a multi use public space. The Riverwalk contains café, restaurant, small park, kayak rentals. Made up of six cove it offers you many things including docking boaters, great spot to view Chicago river, stop for snack and visitors easily get out on water by kayak riding, a beautiful relaxing place for adult and families around fountain. It offers a great night out while listening to music along riverside patio, have a boat tour under the star. The other amazing thing is “Chicago architecture center" CAC, one of its exhibits is Skyscraper gallery. On the Riverwalk one can go fishing also for that one just need “Illinois fishing license”.

  1. Shed aquarium

The world’s first inland aquarium with salt water fish collection. Opened in year 1930. Now holds 32,000 animals once was the world’s largest indoor facility, located on Lake Michigan, it was most visited aquarium in America in year 2005 and 2007. Contains some 1500 species which includes fish, marine mammals, snake, birds, amphibians and insects. It has received award for “best exhibit” in 1999 by association of zoos and aquarium. There are many permanent exhibits at aquarium. The one world show features Belugas, dolphins, penguins, sea lion and dog. The mind blowing “4D theatre”  which was opened in 2009. The 4D theatre show include a 3D films with interactive seating, high tech audio. The films shown are sea monster, coastal predators, planet earth, Ice age and some films are seasonal. The shedd aquarium outstanding for its architecture, a visit is worth.


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